About Children Love Reading

Welcome, to Children Love Reading.

 “There are many little ways to enlarge your world. Love of books is the best of all” -Jacqueline Kennedy.

Reading in today’s world is a necessity. To love reading is a gift, that once received can be appreciated for the remainder of one’s life. This is a place where one can find information on ways to find and then to treasure and nourish that gift in children.

There are stages in a child’s life and there are stages in a child’s reading life and as they grow and develop we need to keep abreast of this. The posts are to encourage discussion and thoughts so as a community ALL Children will LOVE READING.


THE PRE- READER (snuggle books)

The joy and love that is enjoyed both by, the reader and child, when together; sharing a book is very special. The choice of books and different ways to share this magical time with your child is important. There are so many choices of books that sometimes it can be overwhelming. There will be suggestions and also different ways to bring some of the books’ stories into your day, such as baking, craft or songs.



These children are at that moment where the world of books is available for them to discover. Which books to read? How and when, to introduce new genres and other styles of writing, such as graphic novels, so as to broaden their variety of reading styles.



Now they can read independently, how to enhance this experience? New authors and new release of books will be showcased and discussed. Links to reading competitions, essay writing, and reviews.



Not all children initially enjoy reading for one reason or another. Children sometimes need a helping hand in life, sport, school work, relationships, sport, maths and even reading. Not all children enjoy reading; so how can we encourage these children to read? Is it due to the style of books they have read previously? Here you will find ideas, hints, thoughts, different approaches and activities that may help.



There will be regular reviews of books from all the above sections and also books/ articles that have hints/ tips for parents.

Children also know what others would like, so to encourage this there is a section for Children’s Reviews, where they can share their favourite or not so favourite book. If they would like to submit a review, please email it to CLRlibchelle@gmail.com .


Community events, books to be reviewed and other information

If you know of an event, have some other information that you would like me to post on this page or would like me to review a book please email CLRlibchelle@gmail.com for my attention.



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